Surface Pattern Design

I decided to challenge myself this year and enroll in a popular online class, The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design. Everything’s online (very convenient!) and it’s been great connecting with people from all over the world. When you freelance and work on your own a lot as I do, interacting with other designers is essential. It is important to build a community in which you can bounce ideas off of other artists, hear critiques, and have a place to ask questions.

The course also interviewed other designers in the field, I found glimpses into other’s work habits and best practices invaluable. There are 4 different modules of this course. So far, I’ve completed 2.

The schedule has been demanding for me personally, but I’ve learned with planning and prioritizing, that it can be done!

Here are a few samples from one of my collections.

florals_springbloom_2 florals_springbloom_3 florals_springbloom_1EllenMorse-springsblooms-collection-3-hires

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