How to Know if Your Facebook Ad Is Successful

You wouldn’t throw money into another area of your business without understanding how you’ll produce a return, so don’t fall into that trap with Facebook ads.

There’s an interesting article from Entrepreneur Magazine  by Emily Hirsch explaining this.

A synposis of this is first and foremost, know your goals before you advertise. Then create what the author calls  a tripwire — a one-time offer. Give customers a massive discount on your product if, and only if, they opt in to your mailing list right away from your Facebook ad. Once you do this, they are in your sales funnel.

The trip wire can make you focus on target your market — something that Facebook requires anyway in their advertising.

As Ms. Hirsch mentions in her article, as in any business you need to know your numbers. Do not fall into the trap of just throwing money at Facebook without having a clear strategy. Stay tuned for my next post on calculating your investment with links to an ROI advertising calculator.

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